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Privacy Policy

I really don't want your data.

NMR Solvent Peaks, both the iOS app and website, have no use for users' personal data.

Neither the app nor the website are supported by the distribution of users' data, and I intend to keep it that way.

This policy is not a legal document. I'm not a lawyer. But data privacy is something I want to see addressed in any service I use, so I'm addressing it for the service I run.

- Lucas

Collected Data

Certain information must be collected for the website to run properly:

These data are stored in server logs in a non-public facing location.

The website does not use cookies.

The app, when users have opted in to sharing information with developers, collects:

This data is reported to Apple as, and so only accessible to me as, aggregate data. I can see how many users I have in Canada, or what percentage are using the app on an iPad, but nothing on individual users.

And if you email me or send me a tweet with a bug report or a feature request, I'll obviously have some form of contact information.

Data Usage

Data will not be:

Data will be:

In the very unlikely event that NMR Solvent Peaks is acquired by or merged with a business or organization, server logs may be among transmitted assets.

Inspired by and heavily borrows from the Overcast privacy policy

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